OBSNews.com Reports on United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

OBSNews.com – In Sacramento, California thousands of business owners, executives, and elected officials are gathered to celebrate and promote Hispanic owned businesses, and convention organizers have elected to highlight a pioneering green technology that promises to conserve energy, preserve natural resources, and eliminate tons of landfill waste.

The Director of Corporate Relations for the US Hispanic Chamber, Sylvia Perez, initiated a dialogue with chamber technology partner and Platinum Sponsor for the convention, IBM, and the company recommended John Cox, of Kinetic Businesses Applications to the chamber to provide an innovative way to help reduce the amount of paper that is ordinarily handed out at conventions.

Instead of exhibitors presenting large amounts of paper-based marketing materials, conference organizers have arranged for a means of sending emails directly to conference expo attendees describing products and services via self-service kiosks. Cox, himself a former IBM executive, highlighted many of the environmental advantages that are possible via the use of his company’s paperless technologies such as reducing the need for paper production, transportation costs, and also the ability to reduce potentially toxic landfill waste that may result from the use of environmentally unfriendly inks and dyes.

“We help create a superior customer experience that allows users to access information on demand and to distribute that information to their colleagues around the world instantaneously via email anywhere and at anytime,” said Cox.

A catalyst connecting the chamber with Cox was Luis Cuneo, Offering Manager of Market Development for IBM, “We thought it was important to show how technology could help the chamber at the convention.” Cuneo indicated that IBM sees its role as one of providing education for chamber executives and members about the resources needed by entrepreneurs, small, and mid-sized businesses from areas relating to technology and to general best business practices.

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