Now on-air traffic reporting on WFTV

Orlando is Florida’s entertainment capital. Landmark destinations are everywhere. Now see them on WFTV’s newly improved traffic report! WFTV Eyewitness News 9 is guiding Orlando commuters with its new Beat the Traffic(R) reporting system. WFTV is using Beat the Traffic(R)’s patented technology to create live 3-D traffic maps and show landmarks for on-air traffic reports.

WFTV viewers will be the first in Orlando to get these unique traffic 3-D landmarks along with live 3-D traffic maps to orient themselves with live traffic conditions. Viewers will be able to better plan their commute or travel plans with WFTV’s up-to-the-minute traffic reports. Graphics are shown in brilliant high definition resolution so viewers get the most impact from the bright landmark icons and animated maps.

“Orlando is one of the fastest growing cities in America. Longer commute times have become part of our daily routine. Commuters are always looking for reliable traffic reports that are relevant to them. We chose Beat the Traffic(R) because we wanted to update our traffic reports with a system that was easy to use and had unique features like the 3-D animated maps and landmarks. It was equally important for us to be able to make graphics quickly when news breaks. We can do that with this system,” says Bob Jordan, WFTV News Director.

Beat the Traffic(R) is acclaimed for simple setup and user-friendly interface. The customized landmark pinpoints and real-time instant 3-D animation rendering make it easy for WFTV traffic reporters to use.

“Traffic incidents happen in an instant. Beat the Traffic(R) enables us to report them in real time right when they happen. Our traffic reporter will take full advantage of that information,” says Bob Jordan.

“We customized many of the traffic reporting features for WFTV. It was necessary because Orlando is distinctive with many landmarks and roadways. More importantly, we are confident Eyewitness News viewers will benefit from the dynamic 3-D traffic reports. Their traffic reporters now have a system that gives them the most control over creating custom traffic reports. We are proud to have WFTV as a customer. It’s exciting to see WFTV be the first in Orlando to Beat the Traffic(R),” says Andre Gueziec, President and CEO of Triangle Software, LLC makers of the Beat the Traffic(R) software.

Based in Campbell, CA, Beat the Traffic(R) offers a complete solution for the broadcast of traffic reports, featuring three-dimensional animated maps, consistent on-air and on-line components and lower-third tickers. The Beat the Traffic(R) system produces clear, customizable, information-rich animations that received the Television Broadcast magazine’s top Innovation award at the annual NAB trade show. processes and integrates real- time road traffic, incident reports and weather information from numerous public and private sources and predicts traffic patterns so users can arrive at their destinations rested and ready.

WFTV is Orlando’s top rated local newscast, ranking 1st in viewership in all news time slots. WFTV is owned by Cox Television, and is the ABC affiliate serving the country’s 19th largest market.

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