Now Market Your Products with Word of Mouth ,SocialTwist Launches Tell-a-Friend

SocialTwist , developers of Widget Applications has announced the launch of a powerful new arrow in the brand marketer’s quiver with the latest release of its very popular social share button Tell-a-Friend.

“Staring down the barrel of a global recession, brand managers and marketers are indeed facing gloomy times ahead. Tight consumer budgets mean bargain shopping, making the job of retaining customers and growing brands a difficult challenge in the months ahead. Mastery of communicating brand value across the social web is now, more than ever before, a must. A single button to share personal and social communication within a single user interface is of tremendous value to our marketing team, which is responsible for ensuring their products get the attention they deserve from consumers.” says Bo Schuerman, Interactive Marketing Manager, P&G Vocalpoint.

Tell-a-Friend button was built for word of mouth marketing (WOMM) from the ground up, by incorporating an intuitive user interface that encourages more sharing and keeps visitors from leaving a site while doing so. The latest version of Tell-a-Friend adds support for social bookmarking on 15 popular sites like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, and Yahoo Buzz to its already impressive support of email, IM (chat), blogs, and social networks. Tell-a-Friend button is now the single powerful tool for social referrals with both one-to-one messaging and one-to-many broadcasting across social sites.

“We chose Tell-a-Friend button for social referral on our createyourowncareer website as their Premium service provided context enriched message rather than just emailing page link” says Miodrag Perin, Director Bertelsmann HR Services North America, from Bertelsmann group. “Support for German language in the widget was essential for our European portals”.

Since its first release in September 2008 Tell-a-Friend has been installed on more than 10,000 websites and has been served more than 150,000,000 times with millions of messages sent between friends.

SocialTwist develops Widget Applications that add a new social dimension to websites and enterprise applications. These Widget Applications seamlessly enhance existing site/application without reengineering effort or long implementation cycles. SocialTwist is a business of Pramati.

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