Nokia India Launches 'Take Back' campaign

Nokia India has announced the launch of ‘Take Back’ campaign which is aimed at educating mobile phone users on the importance of recycling eWaste and will be rolled out in phases across the country. As a part of this initiative, the company will encourage mobile phone users to dispose their used handsets and accessories such as charges and handsets, regardless of the brand, at any of the recycling bins set up across Nokia Priority Dealers and Nokia Care Centers in Bangalore. The company will be planting a tree for every handset dropped into these recycling bins and giving out a surprise gift as well.

A consumer survey conducted by Nokia across 6500 respondents in 13 countries, including India, highlight that despite the fact that people on average have each owned around five phones, very few of these are being recycled once they are no longer used. Only 3% said they had recycled their old phone. Instead the majority, 44%, are simply being kept at homes never used. Others are giving their mobiles another life in different ways passing on their old phones to friends or family or selling their used devices.

Globally, half of those surveyed didn’t know phones could be recycled like this, with awareness lowest in India at 17% and Indonesia at 29%, and highest in the UK at 80% and 66% in Finland and Sweden. The ‘Take back’ campaign aims to increase awareness of the concept of recycling. If people no longer need their mobile devices, they can bring it back to Nokia for recycling and it can put it to good use – 100 percent of the materials in the phones can be recovered and used to make new products or generate energy.

According to D. Shivakumar, VP and Managing Director, Nokia India, “Nokia is a responsible brand and company. We want to contribute positively in every associated community and the issues that concern the community. Ecology is one of the biggest concerns and as an Industry leader, Nokia has designed India’s first Take-Back program for mobile handsets. This program covers not just Nokia handsets but is open to all mobile phones. That is Nokia’s unique contribution.”

As part of its campaign, Nokia has laid out a robust recycling infrastructure across the country with over 1300 recycling bins installed at Nokia Priority Dealers and Nokia Care Centers nationally. Nokia works with qualified recyclers around the world to ensure proper end-of life treatment of used devices. Recycling means we don’t need to extract and refine as much material for new products, saving energy, chemicals and waste. If every Nokia user across the world recycled just one unused phone at the end of its life, together we would save nearly 80,000 tonnes of raw materials.

By recycling material, your phone will live on in something new as the material is used to make useful items like park benches, utensils etc. So make a resolution today – drop in an old phone or accessories and contribute to saving the environment.

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