NO on Proposition 8 Asks Grassroots Supporters to Move Video Through Groundbreaking Online Community

In a final request to the enormous Web-based community that’s skyrocketed around opposition to the discriminatory Proposition 8, the NO on 8 campaign has launched a 30-second video and called on supporters to share it widely with friends and family online.

The video, called “Parents,” accurately portrays the conversations that have encircled this unfair initiative from the beginning. Says one mother: “I don’t want my kids to grow up with discrimination. Or thinking it’s okay to take away peoples’ rights.”

The online community response to defeating Proposition 8 has created the largest grassroots movement in California political history. The NO on 8 Facebook page now has more than 129,000 supporters over the course of less than a month when it was launched. The NO on 8 online community has contacted more than 100,000 friends and family.There have been more than three million views of NO on 8 videos online, with over one million from our YouTube channel.

Yesterday, YouTube ranked the NO on 8 channel as 41st in viewer hits, even eclipsing the Obama channel, which was ranked 47th. In terms of online financial support, more than 72 percent of the donations to NO on 8 have come from California. More than 60 percent of those 96,000-plus online contributions have been $100 or less.

In an email accompanying the video to supporters, Geoff Kors of the NO on 8 Executive Committee wrote: “This 30 second video speaks about what Prop 8 is really about: what kind of world we want each person and our children to live in — one that is free from discrimination and intolerance. Everyone you know needs to see this video.”

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