Nirvik Singh to interact with Cyril Takayama about Magic, Creativity and Inspiration

Singapore : Leading communications company Grey Group Asia Pacific announced today that its inaugural Eye on Global Asians seminar at the Spikes Asia 2010 Advertising Festival will feature internationally acclaimed magician Cyril Takayama.

A pioneer of “street magic”, Takayama is best known in Asia for his irreverent street stunts showcased on television. A highly celebrated and respected performing artist who continues to break boundaries with his imagination, Takayama is also recognised as the world’s first “Cyber Magician” for being the most downloaded magician on the Internet.

At the regional creative advertising festival, Nirvik Singh, Grey Group Asia Pacific Chairman & CEO, will talk to the multiple award-winning magician to find out how his approach to the art of magic is parallel to that of the creative industry.

“The worlds of creativity and magic are more similar than we might think, whether in the areas of searching for inspiration, brainstorming, conceptualising or delivering an outstanding execution. In particular, Cyril’s refreshing connection with people has been integral to his ability to captivate and engage an international audience. In both our businesses, the ability to engage the audience is pivotal for success and hence we are constantly striving to find that compelling platform that is relevant and will deliver positive reaction and action,” Singh said.

Following on Grey Group Asia Pacific’s annual Eye on Asia study, the agency aims to get up close and personal with successful and creative global Asians in its Eye on Global Asians seminar to uncover what drives their passion, their influences and motivations, as well as the trigger points that inspire creativity in them.

Singh added: “We will be tracking thriving Asian-rooted individuals who have made it big globally, to tap into their minds, understand their winning strategies and discover how they have successfully branded themselves on the international stage. Each seminar will be insightful to the advertising, media and marketing industries with topical trends, and we hope to continue to present this Eye on Global Asians seminar in subsequent years.”

Born in America and currently based in Tokyo, Takayama epitomises the 21st century entertainer, straddling both the East and the West, connecting with audiences worldwide in person, online, in feature films and on television, including on Sony Pictures Entertainment Networks Asia’s AXN network.

Grey Group Asia Pacific’s Eye on Global Asians seminar will take place at the Spikes Asia 2010 Advertising Festival on Tuesday, September 21 (5.20pm Singapore time), in the Seminar Room at Suntec City, Singapore. The seminar will be the closing session before the Spikes Asia Awards Ceremony.

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