Nirvana Digital launches YouTube Content Creators Network

New Delhi: Nirvana Digital, a leading creator and distributor of audio and video content across Internet and mobile platforms has announced the launch of d a “YouTube Content Creators Network” that will start the creation of original content as well as the distribution ofproduced video content from the Indian market across YouTube channels. Through this network, Nirvana Digital aims to capitalise on the exploding power of YouTube, which at current estimations is at 800 million monthly unique user visits across the globe, and a staggering 30 million in India itself. Nirvana Digital, which has established itself as a leader in the digital distribution of content, has shown over 200% growth in number of subscribers across itsYou Tube channels in the past year.

Nirvana Digital’s new YouTube Content Creators Network provides an opportunity hitherto unavailable to content creators in India, ranging from individuals to large organisations. The network will enable them to upload content for immediate distribution, monetization and direction of traffic.

The potential for “Talent” to tap into YouTubein India is immense asYouTube is emerging as the first global TV station. It has committed $100 million to 96 new video channels and has recruited top Hollywood talent to produce content.

Nirvana Digital specialises in the distribution of movies, music videos, documentaries, web shows, news, gossip, and anything to do with audio and video and has already established itself as the distributor of top quality Bollywood and mainstream content.

In the words of Pinakin Thakkar, Founder, Nirvana Digital, “India is a country of dreams and aspirations, where many aspire to become the next Shah Rukh Khan or the next Priyanka Chopra. In a country of 1.3 billion you can imagine the odds.The digital platform is large enough globally for video creatorsto still have their fame and recognition, and we are here to help creators and content owners push content to a global audience while earning immediate revenue from their videos. ” He further adds, “YouTube, which delivers one out of every three online videos viewed (according to ComScore), has become an increasingly important distribution channel for content creators, established media companies and advertisers.

As the demand for quality digital content grows across the world, Nirvana Digital is keen to create brands out of video creators in India, monetize them anddrive traffic to them from its existing networkof millions of views.

Nirvana Digital will also help independent video producers capitalise on the YouTube revolution to create content which receives direct feedback from audiences across the world. The model brings together different individuals, gives them support and infrastructure to collaborate and build audiences around their content across various distribution channels.

Towards this end, Nirvana Digital provides their own specialized web video studio at Peddar road in South Mumbai with green screens, high end cameras (Canon 5D MKII) and lighting facilities. They also have a dedicated team who to help with the technical aspect of encoding, uploading and promoting videos, as well as animators for videos that may benefit with CGI.

Existing channel owners also benefit from having their channels added to the Nirvana Digital YouTube Network as the new channel receives relevant traffic from the existing 350 million views on the Nirvana Digital Network which in turn results in higher monetization for the channel.

Nirvana Digital has successfully monetized content channels like BollywoodNirvana – Bollywood Films (28 million views), Bolly2Box – Bollywood News and Gossip (20.5 million views), PlayXone – Video Clips (39 Million views)as part of its existing You Tube content distribution.

Adding to the network, Nirvana Digital has exclusive rights to films including Hyderabad Blues and Hyderabad Blues 2 and over 300 animated children’s education clips making the total number of videos it distributes to exceed 20,000 and total number of audio titles to exceed 10,000.

The company has worked with top industry names like Subhash Ghai’s Mukta Arts, Sippy Films, EagleFilms and the like enabling many old films that film buffs would be hard-pressed to find in DVD stores or film libraries to be available at the click of a button.


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