Nirmala Mataji Pictures to release 'DREAMS UNLIMITED' in October.

Nirmala Mataji Pictures is all set to release its first Hindi feature film aptly titled ‘DREAMS UNLIMITED’ in October. The film is a situational comedy focused around youth and is written and directed by Vimukt Singh Bisht, an ex-assistant of renowned Producer-Director Shashi Lal Nair of ‘Angaar’, ‘One Two Ka Four’ & ‘Ek Choti Se Love Story’ fame.

According to Vimukt, “The film is based on three premises which are factual rather than being hypothetical, A) Everyone does go through an emotional dilemma when he tries his hand for the first time at something that he knows is socially wrong. The stronger the values inculcated by parents and elders the more powerful this dilemma is B) Peer pressure is the strongest influence on youth and around 90% of us, in all our respective generations as youth have denied it simply because we can’t identify it when we are young however most of us realize it after graduating to the category of middle-aged. C) Psychology has a big role to play in the sex-related matters and most of us do go through a phase (it could be a very short, short or a long phase) of psycho-somatic sex-related problems which finally turns out to be our own weird illusion.”

The story revolves around Sanju, a young Gujrati Chartered Accountant and his Punjabi friend cum business partner Raj. On one fine Friday evening Sanju suddenly gets over-powered by self doubts… yes!.. self –doubts about his libido…courtesy a light hearted joke by his friend Raj and umpteen number of comical situations are generated as Sanju follows friend Raj’s advice of clearing the self-doubts by spending a night with a call girl The nightmare begins for Sanju.. WHERE TO TAKE THE CALL GIRL….to a hotel/rest house, to friend’s house or to his own house.(undoubtedly in real life also, one has only these three options if one hires a call girl ).But for Sanju…If hotel – a police raid could take place….. If friends house — friends aunty or the neighbors may come and if his own house — Mom-Dad can make a surprise entry!!

Shot at real locations the film is a complete situational comedy with realistic treatment and realistic performances. “Unlike many comedy films, my film has a well defined storyline as it’s back-bone and crisp script as it’s rib-cage and believe me I have kept it free from all the awkward body languages and cheap dialogues which unfortunately has become the norm of comedies in the recent past.” Vimukt adds further.

The film is introducing Pankaj Kumar and Mayank Mehra who are doing the two main male characters. Both of them have a strong theatre background. Neelu Dogra, a talented actress from NSD, New Delhi is also being introduced by this film. Swapna Rao daughter of famous cameraman W B RAO is doing the female lead and Sujata Sehgal grand daughter of veteran actress Zohra Sehgal is doing the interesting character of the call girl. Most of the artists doing the other supporting roles are also from NSD Delhi.

This is the maiden venture of Nirmala Mataji Pictures. The banner is planning to launch two more films in the near future with big names of the entertainment industry.

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