Nine FM to mark 09.09.09 in the pages of history

NINE FM, the most contemporary station of Siliguri and Sikkim is all set to play with numbers on 09.09.09. The year 2009 truly seems to be designed for NINE FM, as it witnessed 09.01.09(91.9 the station’s frequency) in the beginning of the year and now NINE FM is all set to take the date 09.09.09 to the pages of the station’s history.

To commemorate the ‘Number Wonder’ NINE FM has lined a treat for its listeners with contests like ‘Ab hello nahin bolo NINE’ where calls will be made to random listeners and instead of saying ‘Hello’ they will have to say ‘NINE’. The winners of the contest will win a special beauty package of Rs.999/- from one of the most renowned family beauty salon and spa of Siliguri. There will be total nine winners of the contest. The contest is just the tip of the iceberg as there is a lot more in store for the listeners.

NINE FM not only plans to give a treat in kind to its listeners but also plans to give an auditory treat by introducing new snippets on air.

North Bengal is all set to receive lots of surprise and to win exciting prizes on NINE FM on 09.09.09, the historical date which will not be witnessed again before the next century.

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