Nickelodeon Kids Launch Advertising-Free Subscription Service

Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids and Family Group continues the expansion of its casual gaming experiences for kids and families with the launch of myNOGGIN , a personalized, premium subscription-based service for preschoolers and their parents. Featuring curriculum-based learning through game play, and starring kids’ favorite Nick Jr. and NOGGIN characters, the advertising-free service provides preschoolers with core educational building blocks through fun and entertaining games.

“myNOGGIN features simple icon-driven site navigation and game-based learning that gives the sippy cup set a fun way to learn math, literacy, and languages in a completely engaging environment,” said Steve Youngwood, Executive Vice President, Digital Media, Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids and Family Group. “The site builds upon two trusted kids and family brands for preschoolers and their parents, Nick Jr. and NOGGIN, and provides a rewarding, safe online experience for preschoolers and their parents.”

myNOGGIN is designed to closely follow kids’ school curriculum and aims to helps children learn all of the major skills from preschool through grade one (ages 3 to 6). As children play the levels of each game, the site uniquely adapts to their individual skill levels. Using their “noggin to advance,” preschoolers practice the skills being taught in school, while a parent- focused area helps them keep tabs on their child’s progress. From learning the alphabet, to improving reading comprehension, to counting mastering addition or subtraction, myNOGGIN provides kids with a head start on the concepts and skills needed for academic success. The premium service has three different subscription packages: $5.95 for a 12 month commitment; $7.95 for a six-month commitment; and $9.95 for a month-to-month commitment.

“myNOGGIN helps our partners further advance their broadband businesses, while giving our kids and family audiences access to even more educational and entertaining content from Nick Jr. and Noggin,” said Denise Dahldforf, Executive Vice President, Content Distribution and Marketing, MTV Networks. “We’re thrilled that valued partners such as Charter and Cox have signed on to be part of this launch.”

myNOGGIN is dynamically updated on a continuous basis with new curriculum- based activities and games. Kids can team up with Blue, Diego, and Dora in exciting, adventure-based games throughout the site, all with a goal of helping kids with subjects, such as literacy; math; Spanish language; computer literacy; and art.

The site also includes a Parents Center where parents can obtain updates on their children’s growth and activity on the site. As kids earn rewards for their achievements, a “virtual fridge” will display their certificates of merit, creative examples, and curriculum completed medals. This area also provides links to more in-depth reporting on their child’s progress, and a wealth of printable workbooks, activity ideas and incentive programs for parents to extend the learning process beyond the computer, and engage their kids to learn.

MTV Networks recently committed $500 million to its gaming efforts, $100 million of which is earmarked toward the casual gaming space and Nickelodeon Kids and Family’s individual brands and initiatives like Nickelodeon Kids and Family Group has an expansive footprint in gaming through a diverse portfolio of online casual gaming, console-based and handheld games. The company’s portfolio of online casual gaming properties, which generate almost 1 billion game plays per month from audiences ranging from kids to adults, include Neopets,,, Shockwave, Nick Arcade, AddictingGames, and more.

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