NFAI brings its treasures to IFFI-Goa

National Film Archive of India (NFAI) is a significant presence in the IFFI-Goa-2008. Apart from Hugely popular poster exhibition, which traverses the history of Indian cinema through rare posters, it lit up the First day with mesmerizing live musical ‘Kalia Mardan’ with the Archives Chief Vijay Jadhav providing background music on Tabla.

The IIFI-Goa-2008 has a section ‘Treasures from NFAI’. The rare gems from the archive are 1936 Marathi classic ‘Sant Tukaram’, ‘Dr Kotnis Ki Amar Kahani (1946/Hindi), Kalpana (1948/Hindi), Neecha Nagar (1946/Hindi) and a Devika Rani starrer ‘Karma (1933). These films are testimony to the lasting appeal of the medium and living example of the need for archiving the genius of the cinematic art form for the posterity. NFAI plays a big role in spreading the message of preservation of the slices of movie history and keeping the legacy of the masters for the future generations. Jean-Francois Rauger, Director of Programming from Cinematheque Francaise and Severine Wemaere, Managing Director of Thomson Foundation- representatives of two organization dedicated to the preservation of the cinematic form, praised the efforts of NFAI in a press conference at IFFI-Goa. “They are doing a great job and their efforts must be augmented a great deal’, said Jean-Francois Rauger.

A member of the International Federation of Film Archives since 1969, NFAI was established in 1964 with a primary charter to safeguard the heritage of Indian cinema. The Archive is to act as center for dissemination of a healthy film culture. Promotion of film scholarship and research on various aspects of Cinema also form part of its objectives. Familiarizing foreign audiences with Indian Cinema and to make it more visible across the globe is another function of the Archive. It is an ongoing job at the Archive to trace and acquire national and international films to enrich its collection.

The Archives has 17251 films and 2792 video cassettes. The well-stocked library of over 26,000 books published across the globe is a boon to serious students of Cinema. Over 34,000 film scri pts, Indian and foreign, received from the Central Boards of Film Certification are also preserved in the Archive.

As a part of its charter to disseminate film culture, NFAI has a Distribution Library of films which supplies films to film festivals in India and abroad; to film societies, educational institutions and cultural organizations in the country. NFAI has been conducting its four-week Annual Film Appreciation Course at Pune in collaboration with the Film and Television Institute of India for the last three decades.

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