NewsGator Launches 'AdBurner' , Turnkey solution to optimize ad placement

NewsGator Technologies have announced the launch of a turnkey advertising-based solution for premium publishers .The new solution allows publishers to optimize ad revenue around key web 2.0 technologies with no incremental effort on the publishers’ part.

AdBurner is aimed at optimizing the CPM for, and process of, inserting and managing advertising into NewsGator’s publisher products suite, including services as diverse as widgets, related content, and iPhone applications. The initiative is built around best of breed advertising partners Technorati, Admeld, Gigya, Medialets, and Tremor Media.

A significant roadblock for media companies attempting to monetize social media and mobile applications has been the lack of process standards and optimization methods for inserting and tracking ad placements. NewsGator’s announcement today brings welcome relief to media clients struggling with explosive inventory growth and literally hundreds of online ad networks complementing their own internal ad sales efforts.

With AdBurner, NewsGator’s premium publisher clients can choose to monetize via high value display ads, video pre-roll and overlays, widget ads, and iPhone display ads through an integrated process engine and a single management console. In addition to managing ad units inserted into products that NewsGator provides to publishers, the process integration extends to unrelated online ad inventory.

“We have heard loud and clear from our clients that lack of inventory is not the problem they have, it’s selling the inventory they already control along with the additional inventory we are creating for them,” said JB Holston, CEO and President of NewsGator. “What we are providing to them are pre-packaged integrated ad placement scenarios that can be used across a range of products, covers their entire inventory, and does so in a manner that is fully transparent and optimized to deliver the highest ad value per placement.”

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