New umbrella brand Comniscient to include six agencies

Mumbai: The new umbrella brand name for the communication companies in which the communications-entrepreneur N. Chandramouli has a majority stake was announced today. The umbrella brand, called the Comniscient Group includes six companies, Blue Lotus Communications, bluebytes, i9 Communications, Blue Online, Trust Research Advisory and Brix Media.

The umbrella branding has been created to reflect the common philosophy and culture of the group, infusingthat common thread across these independently led companies. The nine-year old group has achieved leadership in Public Relations and related fields through its unique entrepreneurial culture and knowledge approach. The new brand identity for the group has been created by Bacteria Design.

Commenting on the new branding and its approach, N. Chandramouli, CEO, Comniscient Group said, “Driving communications with knowledge as a strategic tool, and businesses with an entrepreneurial spirit has helped several of our group companies attain global recognition. In creating an umbrella branding the name that that best represented our character was the word Comniscient, which is essentially the word ‘Omniscient’ with a ‘C’ prefixed. The name reflects the group’s scientific and knowledge based approach, and it also shows our intense focus on the all-important communication vertical. The new group branding in a way is serendipitous because it is the way we naturally think in our group.”

“The Comniscient Group logo is made of parts of three circles which intersect in a non-standard form reflective of the philosophy of the group. On the whole, the form shows a dancing spirit reflective of conviviality with which we go about our business. The use of three non-standard colors shows the unique and effective approach of the Comniscient Group, and the intersections of the circles display a continuous and eternal movement indicative of progress. And, the forms which are created by the lack of forms shows how intangible of communications creates everything that is tangible.”,Chandramouli added.

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