New Must-See Mobi Guide to New York City Unveiled

My Urban Sherpa, an insider’s guide to the best of New York City, has unveiled its new mobi site. The mobi site streamlines a list of recommended restaurants, bars, athletic facilities, shops, and travelers’ needs for handheld devices. This time-efficient resource of reliable insider recommendations features continually updated listings for current museum exhibitions as well as theater, dance, and performance schedules.

Withrefreshing honesty, My Urban Sherpa dishes up in-the-know tidbits, steering users to a hand-culled list of restaurants, shops, exercise facilities, and events. Following the mantra “Eat, exercise, explore -enjoy New York like a New Yorker,” the site offers commentary and contact information for well-known destinations and neighborhood gems worthy of a detour.

“With the plethora of information at our fingertips and the lack of time to read through it all, we are giving people excellent and viable choices in moments so people can get on with the day,” explained Alison Davis Curry, Publisher and C.E.O. “We help visitors make the most of every meal, stay, or shopping expedition by sharing destination restaurants where you can reserve a table when you would like to eat, and we point out neighborhood lunch spots, bars and yoga studios you’ll be delighted to stumble upon.”

Visitors can search by category: City, Cuisine, Self, Society, Sports, Travel. Categories are arranged by neighborhood. Each listing offers the street address, phone number, web link, map, and occasionally, a logo or photo. Listings are updated daily to ensure accuracy.

My Urban Sherpa visitors are encouraged to sign up and add reviews to the listings. Registered users can bookmark listings and share their list of favorites with friends and family by forwarding a text message with SMS. Users are also privy to ongoing savings and specials about town. My Urban Sherpa is free to the user.

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