New Media launches bi-monthly magazine The Protector

Mumbai :New Media Communication has announced the launch of a bi-monthly magazine, titled The Protector, brought out exclusively for the Mumbai Police .

This magazine is a major initiative of Mumbai Police in confidence building measures with the public. The 100-page full-colour publication carries a detailed write-up on the 26/11 terrorist attack on the city and the on-going trial of the lone surviving terrorist Ajmal Kasab and articles on police preparedness in thwarting similar threats.

The magazine, which derives its title from the Mumbai Police motto “Sadrakshanaaya Khalnighrahanaaya”, meaning “To protect the good and to punish the evil,” carries a special section on the history of Bombay Police and its connection with the freedom movement.

“Our intention is to make every issue of The Protector a collectors’ number, informative as well as educative .Our aim is to project the Mumbai Police in a right perspective and to act as an effective means of communication between the police and the public .Although the content for the magazine is provided by the Mumbai Police, the onus of responsibility for its presentation lies with New Media ,” ,” Satya Swaroop , Managing Editor , New Media said .

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