New E-Marketing Tool RupeeMail Launched

A new innovative E-Mail marketing tool ‘ RupeeMail’ was launched in Banglore today.

RupeeMail is a new type of email where the message is delivered in an electronic envelope with an attached stamp value. When the envelope is opened, the recipient receives the value of the stamp. Email advertisers benefit from RupeeMail’s superior deliverability and its unique appearance which stands out in the recipient’s inbox. Advertisers also receive detailed real time reports including the mails opened, click through rates etc. Also, recipients have more reason to open RupeeMail because the senders are known and verified and recipients get paid to open and view the contents of RupeeMail.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Anil Lakhwara, Chief Evangelist RupeeMail India, said, “We at RupeeMail are very excited to give advertisers the ability to stand out from all the email clutter that hits many inboxes today. This is another Internet win-win, advertisers get their messages read and recipients get paid to read email.” When asked about how RupeeMail works, Mr. Lakhwara answered. “RupeeMail deploys patented OIV Technology and our web based email marketing platform provides a powerful interface for the advertiser to create, send and track professional looking email campaigns. And the good news is that the advertiser pays only for the RupeeMails opened by the recipients.”

Studies conducted by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) shows there are more than 29 million active Internet users in India and is increasing on a substantial rate. The email advertising market is expected to have a quantum jump globally in the next 5 years and India will own a significant share of it because of the sheer number of active email users in the country. Because RupeeMail can only come from authorized senders, it may turn out to be a powerful platform against phishing and fraudulent emails which is a big concern in many industries especially banking.

RupeeMail is spear-headed by a team of qualified professional members including Mr. Anil Lakhwara (Chief Evangelist) and Mr. Jisso Jose (Vice President – Technology). The company aims to launch various other value add products including a Paid Market Survey Platform for Market Research Organizations by mid 2008. RupeeMail is launched in India by HCITECK Software Pvt Ltd with patented technology sharing from OIV Mail Inc. OIV Mail Inc. based in Palo Alto, California is the developer and owner of the patented Origin Instantly Verified Mailing System which allows the instant sender verification and other technologies necessary to power the RupeeMail stamps. The OIVMail system is currently in use in the United States and China.

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