Network 18 Partners July Systems to Launch on Mobile

July Systems has launched India’s leading cricket portal,, on mobile . is a major online destination for the game, and is part of Network 18 – among the country’s top media houses.

July Systems is a leading mobile media company, and is a Mobile 2.0 pioneer with several major media brands among its customers. July’s Mi Channel is the industry’s first Mobile 2.0 Platform, and powers channels for popular news, sports, business, and entertainment brands. It now offers Live, Interactive and Multi-Media Services for fans on

Compared to other cricket portals on mobile, is far superior in detecting and rendering pages based on the device’s screen size.

“ is the latest among July Systems powered Network 18 mobile properties, and we’re excited to partner with them. The launch of this top cricket portal means a mobile internet channel that results in highly increased usage, advertising inventory for publishers, and an engaged opportunity for advertisers,” said Rajesh TS Reddy, CEO, July Systems. “Mi Channel means Live, Personalized, Interactive, and Multimedia experiences for fans, and is key to exponentially increased usage of the mobile internet”

“With the Mi Channel Platform, on mobile has seen markedly increased traffic. The site allows for quick and easy navigation, with instant access to live game information for cricket fans,” said Rahul Pandey, Head, Mobile 18. “Cricketnext easily offers the best user experience on mobile. It is built specifically for mobile users, unlike rudimentary offerings from other cricket web sites. In partnership with July Systems, we’ll be rolling out more advanced features soon.”

With the start of the 2008-09 season, on mobile has experienced a significant spike in traffic. During the first match of the current India-Australia test series, the mobile portal registered a ten-fold increase over off-season page views, with the thrilling final day accounting for a further 25% rise in viewership over the previous match days. “It’s also heartening to see the steady surge in traffic during the non-match days. This proves the point that rich content is highly appreciated by the cricket enthusiasts on the Mobile Platform. This gives us immense confidence in building up a loyal user base visiting the site on regular basis,” added Rahul Pandey.

July Systems is a leading mobile media company. July’s Mi Channel, the industry’s first mobile 2.0 platform, powers direct to mobile channels for media, sports, business, and entertainment brands. These user-centric mobile internet channels result in significantly increased usage, advertising inventory for publishers, and an engaged opportunity for advertisers. For consumers, Mi Channel provides live, personalized, socially networked, interactive and multi-media experiences. Mi RevCentral is a comprehensive monetization program for mobile portals that comprises the technology platform, management tools and business relationships required to maximize revenues from mobile inventory.

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