NDTV Promotions :Barkha Dutt promoted as President EB ,Sonia Singh becomes ED

New Delhi: NDTV, India’s most credible news network to further strengthen its commitment of fiercely independent journalism and credible reporting, today announced the formation of two independent groups NDTV Editorial Board and The Ethics Committee.

Led by Barkha Dutt as the President – Editorial Board and Sonia Singh as the President – The Ethics committee, both the groups will ensure regular and continuous oversight on all editorial and ethical matters.

The Editorial Board with Radhika Roy as the Chairperson will be responsible for all standards and matters editorial across NDTV. The aim of the Editorial Board is to take regular steps and pre-emptive action on the more complex issues that arise in the editorial direction for NDTV as well as be a focal point for answering any queries or complaints on editorial matters raised from within and outside NDTV.

The Ethics Committee headed by Sonia Singh will develop consistent standards and oversee all ethical issues across the organization. The Ethics Committee will report into the Compliance Committee Chaired by Radhika Roy.

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