NDTV announces Mid-Term poll 2012

NDTV has announced a massive opinion poll in a special show with Dr Prannoy Roy, every day live at 9 pm from Monday 27 August to Friday 31 August.

The programme will gauge the voting intentions of the nation and seek views on political and social issues. Who each side should choose for prime minister, can Anna forever change how India fights corruption are some questions people of India have answered.

Each day Dr Prannoy Roy, Dorab Sopariwala and a panel of experts will discuss voting patterns in 3-4 states, and predict seats for each, culminating in an All India forecast on Friday 31st. They will also look at 2-3 national issues including corruption, poverty and unemployment, as well as the best Congress and BJP leader and the Prime Minister’s performance.

The daily programme will include the nation’s pulse on social issues. Where does India stand on arranged marriages and dowry, education for daughters and mobile vs TV? The NDTV Poll will wrap up with an exciting top 5 in categories that include national leaders, Prime Minister and Chief Minister choices, and on a lighter note, actors and actresses.

NDTV commissioned Ipsos, a leading market research agency, to conduct fieldwork for this opinion poll from a sample size of almost 30,000, covering as many as 125 out of the 543 Lok Sabha seats in the 18 big states.

The poll was carried out in 125 constituencies spread over 18 states (these account for over 20% of the 543 Lok Sabha seats). Each Lok Sabha constituency was selected using a statistical formula based on voting patterns of 2009 Lok Sabha Elections. In each Lok Sabha constituency, two to three assembly segments were selected at random where approximately 100 interviews were conducted in homes.

For the voting intention question, the respondents were given a mock ballot paper on which the symbols of the parties were set out. They were asked to mark their preference on the ballot paper and then place the ballot paper in a mock ballot box.

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