NBC Says 'No' to Weatherproof Garment Company's Attempt to Share 30 Second Ad

Weatherproof Garment Company, a leading outerwear company, attempted to “time share” a 30 second advertisement in Super Bowl XLIII with nine other companies but NBC denied their request. With the economy in shambles and Super Bowl ad sales in trouble, the question remains … why would NBC decline Weatherproof’s innovative solution?

Weatherproof(R) Garment Company has long been ahead of the curve with their advertising, always believing in a “less is more” approach to their ads which have been prominently displayed throughout the country, most notably in Times Square, New York City’s “advertising haven”.

“We believe traditional advertising is dying and that you have to think outside of the box with both your creative and your media buys to garner the public’s attention,” says Freddie Stollmack, President of Weatherproof Garment Company.

“We have always incorporated nontraditional methods to reach our customers via advertising, whether it was using sheep, paint cans or dogs to promote our clothing line. We truly believe the best approach to advertising your product is the most simple and the least obvious way,” adds Stollmack.

Weatherproof Garment Company’s unconventional advertising strategies are beginning to influence other companies. In late December 2008, after Weatherproof announced their second attempt to air a super short Super Bowl ad, a Los Angeles based advertising agency followed suit with their own announcement of a like-minded idea.

“It is abundantly clear that other companies are taking notice that traditional advertising doesn’t make you stand out anymore and they are taking on Weatherproof’s ‘less is more’ attitude,” says Stollmack.

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