National Review Magazine on Pressmart Network

Pressmart Media LTD, a new media delivery partner of worldwide magazines and newspapers today announced that New York City based National Review magazine will deploy its e-Publishing solution.

Erik Zenhausern, Circulation Director of National Review magazine said, “This is a significant product initiative for us. We are confident that Pressmart’s technology will create an entirely new and refreshing experience for National Review’s current and future readers.”

“The process of working with Pressmart Media has been excellent,” Zenhausern said. “We got exactly what we have been looking for, even with very challenging project deadlines we put forth to Pressmart. With the added benefits from Pressmart e-Publishing solution we have gone one more step forward in creating exciting new ways of meeting the needs of readers domestically and globally.”

“At Pressmart we are always focused on delivering the best technology solutions to our publishers,” Myles M. Fuchs President, commented. “Increasingly, publishers are seeking to implement and deliver innovative electronic publishing solutions for their demanding online readers. Pressmart’s new media delivery solutions represent a value-based approach for online magazine publishers, built on reliable technology that is both publisher and reader friendly.”

Commenting on Pressmart’s growing recognition in the global e-publishing market, CEO of Pressmart Media, Sanjeev Gupta, said, “Pressmart’s new media delivery technology is designed to deliver lasting business value to its customer, backed by constant innovation and customizations. Our performance is testified by some of the world’s most respected publishers who continue to expand their relationships with Pressmart.”

Pressmart is a New Media Delivery Partner of leading newspapers and magazines published in over 15 languages across 30 countries. Pressmart takes over where the pre-press ends and delivers the electronic edition on multiple distribution channels including web (as a print-replica ePaper edition), Mobile, RSS, Podcasts, Blogs, Social Networking Sites, Article Directories, Search Engines, etc. Pressmart also offers digitization of legacy archives from multiple physical formats into re-usable and monetizable digital formats. Pressmart has digitized over 400 years’ worth of newspapers, magazines and journals. Pressmart is a subsidiary of Bodhtree Consulting LTD with offices in Hyderabad, India and the USA.

Founded in 1955 by the late William F. Buckley Jr., National Review remains America’s most influential / highest-circulation conservative journal, while National Review Online – its respected, popular, and heavily trafficked web site – is widely considered to be the most dominant conservative locus on the Internet. Both the fortnightly magazine and “NRO” are the benchmark vehicles for reaching conservative influencers who shape opinion on important issues and electoral politics, with their joint readership reaching an affluent, educated, and highly responsive audience of corporate and government leaders, the financial elite, educators, journalists, community and association leaders, as well as engaged activists all across America.

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