Nana Patekar and Rekha's yet another triumph:Yatra

The renowned Bengali film maker, Goutam Ghose’s ‘Yatra’ is out now on Shemaroo Entertainment’s VCDs & DVDs. Yatra, a multi-layered film, basically talks of a writers journey where his real life gets mingled with the characters of his novel. Yatra is very beautifully blended, with the visualisation of a character in the film, who is a filmmaker and with the imagination of the writer in the film. This totally enhances creativity making the movie more intriguing.

The film has brilliant cinematography which is being shot mainly at Ramoji Film City, while a few portions are shot in the old Hyderabad and Telangana area of Andhra Pradesh. Some of the sequences are also shot on a train. Scripted by Ghosh, the film has dialogues by Rashid Iqbal. Ghosh who usually scores on the music of his movies, uses authentic music in Yatra, not filmi music. With music by Khayyam and the director himself, there is a great traditional thumri composition by a grand composer of the early twentieth century. Yatra has yet another Birju Maharaj composition. All these compositions are being choreographed by the eminent Kathak dancer Saswati Sen who has assisted her guru Birju Maharaj on Gadar and Devdas.

A fascinating casting like Nana Patekar, Rekha and Deepti Naval are certainly going to leave audiences asking for more. While Nana Patekar plays the writer (Dashrath Joglekar) as well as the protagonist of his award winning novel ‘Janaza’, Deepti Naval plays his wife in Yatra. The story of his novel is inspired from the writers own reality and experiences. Rekha plays Lajwanti, a courtesan by profession, who is one of the mysterious characters from the writer’s novel. The writer is eventually seen becoming obsessed with his character Lajwanti.

While the theatrical release of Yatra has not left a mark, its home video release is bound to make a room for DVD/ VCD collectors. Nana Patekar’s outstanding performance along with Rekha’s sensational act will create a curiosity amongst fans. Moreover, Rekha’s dance sequences and costumes are reminiscent of her role in Umrao Jaan. Yatra is yet another successful journey of film maker Goutam Ghose.

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