Nagendra Karri announces next Big Budget Film Mobster

Nagendra Karri, the Indian born film maker who owns Eternal Mind Production LLC in New York has announced his next big budget film “Mobster” which will be shot in multi locales including India. The filmmaker is also keen to partner with Indian company for this project.

This announcement comes after the successful debut screening of his first Directorial Venture “Where are you Sophia?” a suspenseful psychological thriller at the recently concluded Cannes Film festival. Karri, who directed, produced and wrote the film at the age of 26, has masters in computer science and electronics and a background in theater, but knew filmmaking was his lifelong passion.

‘Where are you Sophia?’ is the true story of a local newspaper columnist from a rural town called Highlands where she mysteriously disappears and ends up meeting Charlie, a young handsome man from Jersey Shores. She takes him on a journey where he is introduced to the realms of the unknown which only he can unravel as he faces the mysterious forces in the evil town of Highlands.

“Life has been very hard while making a feature film during a recession,” says Karri. “But it was worth every bit to make a suspenseful thriller like ‘Where are you Sophia?’ that you believe in with all your heart. I have done it, recession was not an excuse for me.”

The 96 minutes psycho thriller will keep audiences on the edge of their seat with paranormal elements and characters with strange backgrounds and contradicting stories. From Michael, a father searching for his missing daughter, to Xavier, a stranger with hidden intentions and contradicting emotions, “Where are you Sophia?” promises to be rich with edgy characters and an intelligent plot. The film received good reviews at the Cannes Film Festival.

Nagendra Karri is currently in India to finalise plans for the launch of his English film “Where are you Sophia” and his new project Mobster. He will also conduct audition for selecting the start cast for Mobster in India and talk to potential partners who like to partner for his new project.

“My goal is to showcase India to the International film industry by creating movies that has a universal appeal with an Indian touch.” Karri said.

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