MyToday Claims 3 Million Subscribers

Netcore’s MyToday Dailies, a spiraling service of Free SMS alerts on 25 Channels has won its 3,000,000th subscriber last week. A completely intrusion free opt-in service, MyToday Daily SMS Alerts has achieved this distinction purely on referral and word-of-mouth acceptance, an indicator of how satisfied customers can actually replace the power of paid advertising.

“This subscriber base comprises an addressable audience that can be considered a true representative of the new India that is emerging. Over 79% of them are I the age-group of 18-25 and women from a little over 38%. Their response to the various types of content we offer can give any marketer valuable insights into their psychographics and behavioral aspects, thereby making marketing that much more focused and fruitful”, said a delighted Abhijit Saxena, CEO, MyToday.

Awarded “True-Mobile Start-up” at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress ’08, MyToday Dailies has grown faster than even the company had estimated. Every Day 15,000 new subscribers opt-in, which is a million more every two months. MyToday Dailies’ recent launch of SMS alerts in five Indian languages has enabled it to address the varied needs of a multi-lingual information and content hungry population and will sprint them to the 10 million mark within the next fiscal.

MyToday Dailies is an SMS based service that offers its subscribers information, tips and content on various topics and issues of their choice. With more than 25 topics of content including News, Stock Market News, Jokes, Star Sign Forecasts, Beauty, Health and many others, MyToday Subscribers are able to get concise content of their choice in a simple and unobtrusive manner on a regular basis.

MyToday Dailies started operations in October 2007 with one channel sending daily quotes from the Bible, today MyToday has 25 channels, with the popular channels being NEWS, CRI, SENSEX, Jokes, Star Sign Forecasts, and Beautycare. The daily SMS Alerts service has become the world’s largest Mass Medium-on-Mobiles in just six months.

The success of this new Medium-on-mobile concept has been lapped up by advertisers too, who are using the MyToday Medium to advertise products ranging from Banking Services to Magazines to FMCG products, to media & entertainment. Already over 30 leading Corporates are using Short contextual advertisements at the end of the SMS alerts with click-to-buy, click-to-call, and click-to-url options. With the MyToday medium, advertisers have found an interactive and participative means of talking to their target groups and keep coming back for more.

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