Myleene Klass on the world's most famous red carpet

Myleene Klass will be on the world’s most famous red carpet this week as ‘The Screening Room’ heads for the Academy Awards. The team will follow the cast and crew of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, the feel-good film which has risen from underdog to Oscar favourite for Best Picture.

In 1996 Kate Winslet received the first of her six Oscar nominations and Mickey Rourke retired from boxing with his acting career in tatters. Thirteen years later, will it be a lucky number for them after their roles in ‘The Reader’ and ‘The Wrestler’? Israel and Austria are among the nominees for Best Foreign Language Film for the second year running, so who will win the battle for subtitled supremacy?

And 45 seconds, one billion viewers, don’t screw it up – the program brings you the do’s and don’ts of the Oscar acceptance speech. All this in ‘The Screening Room’ – where movies come to life.

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