myAdz Announces Ad Content in Regional Indian Languages

mobiSolv, the mobile solutions company has announced the availability of Regional language Advertisement feature on their Mobile Advertising platform myAdz. The functionality will benefit a large number of single language speaking mobile subscribers. For advertisers it would help to convey the message in a language the target audience understands. It has been researched and found that large numbers of new subscribers in both the urban and rural areas still prefer the communication in their local language.

Also for the advertisers Mobile Advertising is emerging as the new medium to reach the masses beyond the TV and radio. The global mobile marketing industry was worth $1.8 billion in 2007 and is expected to grow to $24 billion by 2013, according to ABI Research. This would be especially true for a country like India, where the PC penetration in very low compared to the mobile penetration.

It is now clearly proven that the Mobile phones and similar devices are the most personal gadgets that people carry. The research has clearly shown that mobiles phones would very soon outnumber the 200 million print media readership in India.

myAdz would enable advertisers to utilize this prime virtual real estate as it would become the biggest medium, bigger than TV, print or the internet. Globally this medium has been a strong choice as there are more than 30 countries where the mobile penetration has exceeded 100 %.

myAdz platform brings together the advertisers and publishers and shares the revenue generated with the content generators. By launchingmyAdz, mobiSolv plans to create avenue for income generation for publishers who create innovative mobile content.

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