My FM to celebrate November as Passion month

India’s noted FM radio station, 94.3 MY FM is celebrating the month of November as the Passion month. In sync with its proposition Jiyo Dil Se, the radio channel has introduced a series called “My City My Passion”, which is aired in the morning from 7 am to 11 am during the Salaam City show and in the evening from 5 pm to 9 pm during the Happy Evening drive.

The show seeks to congratulate and honor people with unique passions and immensely strong will power to live each and every moment of life with enthusiasm and contentment. People who have gone to extremes to simply follow their heart, to accomplish their passions are profiled and recognized during this series.

“By passion one means doing what your heart says and giving your head a little rest”, says Romme Tidke from Nagpur. Mr. Tidke who has already shared his experiences with the channel, is passionate about Vintage Cars and is a proud owner of a 1927 Vintage car and without fail participates in all Vintage Car rallies.

Not just this, MY FM also spoke to people like Ram Dayal who though faced an almost near death experience which resulted in the loss of his legs during his tenure with UN, continues to be an inspector and serve people. He believes that social work is the Passion and purpose of his life. MY FM also shared an unbelievable yet true zealous story of an IIM graduate from Ahemdabad, who to follow his ardor gave up his lucrative job and became a proud owner of a dosa corner in the city.

Similarly, Dr. Ajit Jain (cardiologist) from Indore shares that collecting coins and knowing their history is a passion for him. He takes out time from his busy schedule and devotes time to his coin collection. He made everyone realize that when you are passionate about something you can find time for your passion irrespective of what profession you are in. Similarly, Mr. Baswani from Indore fell from the cliff of Kheer Ganga in Himanchal, but still continues to pursue his passion for trekking after recuperating from the mishap and lives life to the fullest. The list of such people is never-ending!!!

Analogous to people mentioned above, there are many more people out there with the same commitment towards their passion. MY FM has adopted the responsibility to showcase these people in the My City My Passion drive, as it understands the true meaning of ardor.

Talking about this latest attempt, Mr. Harrish M. Bhatia, CEO 94.3 MY FM shared, “MY FM is not only about entertainment and music. There is more to know and relate to. Through My City My

Passion, MY FM is giving its listeners a massive plinth to come forth, share their passions and reveal their journey in persuading the same. Passion is a proud attitude for 94.3 MY FM and through this feature we intend to let all our listeners know and get inspired by people who have lived their life passionately and are continuing to do so. Always having been socially responsible and driven, we at MY FM decided to memorialize November as ‘The Passion Month’ to honor those who chase their passions and truly live in the spirit of Jiyo Dil Se.”

94.3 MY FM has gone all out to celebrate the My City My Passion drive and via this, it has embellished its own zeal towards its brand elements that are Passion, Obsession for excellence, Joy and Happiness. The radio station congratulates all those who have gone to extremes to fulfill their dreams and live each moment to its fullest.

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