My FM Launches My Ka Laal for School Kids

After establishing the Brand No.17 in 17 cities across 7 states of India, MY FM 94.3 has brought a wonderful opportunity to the young guns of India – the My Ka Laal where every Sunday school children are invited to be Radio Jockeys for a day. The initiative not only binds the listeners to MY FM, but also provides young children with a window into the Radio Industry and an opportunity to talk about issues of their choice.

“More exposure to the kids is provided by such a show and the city is motivated to encourage kids to talk aloud about problems and have fun….A platform to express kids thought is My Ka Laal ” – Sandip Pandya, Principal (ASIA English School – Secondary)

Currently on air in Chandigarh and Ahemdabad, My Ka Laal has been viewed as an innovative programming show. It has caught the attention of kids, youngsters and elderly alike. Sundays in these stations have become My Ka Laal days for listeners wait to listen to a kid RJ every Sunday. Commenting on its importance Nivedita Gouthi, a parent said “The city gets a new perspective, a fresh thought when kids give their opinion to it… I felt thrilled when my child was My Ka Laal …”

My Ka Laal invites fierce competition between the top schools of these cities to get their kids as the RJ for this show. There is a proper audition done by MY FM and later every kid selected is trained by MY FM on the various aspects of Radio handling. Underlinerlining the importance of the show, Ms. Jayanti Banerjee, Senior Counsellor St. John’s School, Chandigarh said “My Ka Laal was definitely a beneficial experience for my students as it allowed them to talk on important social issues close to their heart.

It also ensures commitment because children love to live up to the public image they get out of this programme.” Talking further about the show, she added – “It is definitely a good and healthy combination of entertainment with a purpose. It certainly proves that entertainment need not be mindless rather it can be nicely merged with conscience development in students.”

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