My FM Launches Jhelompics

The Olympics have started and so haveall the celebrations among which 94.3 MY FM has brought out its own take on this international competition with a very special treat called – “Jhelompics – Olympics ka sautela bhai” – Isko Jhelo…Khelo Dil Se!” Aftera special MY FM Jhelompicstorch relay that happened on 08.08.08, aplethora of fun filled activities at MY FM cities began over the weekend. Withactivities like the Alu Putt and Jai Villain Throw, these games are an innovative interpretation of the competitive yet harmonius spirit that Olympics signify.

The MY FM listeners enthusiastically participated in the on ground activities that were held over the weekend. Some exciting action happened in games like the “Alu Putt” – Shot Putt ka sautela bhai – where participants took shots with potatoes on a spoon held in their mouth, “Hawa Hawaii” – where the contests faced an endurance test of swimming in the air for the longest time, the “Bhag Lay” – a take on the Relay – where people had to cover a twisted path in the shortest time while they were blindfolded. In “Lakeer ka Fakir” the participants were blindfolded and had to walk down a straight line and in the twisted version of the Long Jump the participants had to sit and jump three times and the person covering the longest distance won the “Jumping Jack” competition.

On air activities have also started which include some very interesting games like the “Dupki Maar” – where participants have to choose from two songs and dive into one by answering questions related to the song. The “Jai Villain Throw” – another exciting competition has competing participants figuring out the Villain in the movie from which a song is played. The first person to shout “Jhelompics” gets to answer the questions. Similarly in the “Songlastics” participants have to guess the song through a hook that is played backwards. The 100 meter dash also got its Jhelompics version called the “10 Second Saans Le” where the caller singing the maximum lyrics of a song in 10 seconds wins the medal. The hurdle race has been transformed into a musical version called the “Kuddi Maar” where participants have to fill in the words that have been edited out of the songs played on air. These games are played throughout the day and listeners can call in and participate.

For the closing ceremony of the “Jhelompics – Olympics ka sautela bhai” , 94.3 MY FM will have a special function where the medals will be awarded to winning participants and the pictures of “Champions of Jhelompics” will adorn the “Jhelompics Wall of Fame” at every MY FM Station.

The gamut of activities is a celebration of the wonderful spirit of the Olympics. MY FM is also updating its listeners on the highlights of the Olympics during the morning drivetime show. With the spirits of Olympics and Jhelompics high, 94.3 MY FM listeners are having the time of their life!

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