MY FM goes beyond Music Entertainment

New Delhi : India’s illustrious radio station 94.3 MY FM has decided to rescue the daily commuters in Ahmedabad and aid them through the daily unruly and rowdy traffic situation of the city. 94.3 MY FM, known for its collaborative endeavors has now tied up with the Indian Traffic Network to fix this magnanimous traffic concern and guarantees ease of driving through the roads of Ahmedabad, and also to be of assistance to avoid the regular hustle-bustle of the city.

This innovative system employs a detailed traffic update given traffic reporters covering important locations in the city, who are constantly on the move around the city especially during peak hours. This information is then analyzed for traffic jams and alternate routes worked out for listeners to evade the traffic on the usual routes. This would assure a safe, smooth and fast drive for the listeners of 94.3 MY FM.

To this, Mr. Harrish M. Bhatia, CEO 94.3 MY FM said, “Since, the people of Ahmedabad ardently listen to 94.3 MY FM especially while driving we thought it fit to introduce a better traffic update system at the station. This initiative has been introduced primarily to enable a smoother commuting process for the residents of Ahmedabad. The beach-head for the regulation of this system is to facilitate the use of alternate routes and avoid maximum traffic in the city for a safer and swifter driving experience”

We hope that the up-gradation of the traffic system and the task commenced by 94.3 MY FM would be beneficial for the people and augment their daily driving routines.

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