MY FM Ahmedabad celebrates 3rd anniversary

New Delhi: 94.3 MY FM Ahmedabad celebrated its third anniversary on July 21st with a social initiative under the station’s CSR programme ‘Koshish Dil Se’. A break from the monotony of routine life, ‘Koshish Dil Se’ was an inspirational crusade for the residents of Ahmedabad. As the popular radio station furthers its philosophy of Jiyo Dil Se, 94.3 MY FM listeners got an opportunity to be a part of the programme with MY FM thereby making a difference in the lives of people through ‘Koshish Dil Se’.

Commemorating the third edition of its Ahmedabad station MY FM endeavors to serve its role of a social citizen. Under this project, 3 underprivileged mentally-challenged children Govind Jesingbhai Thakor, Dhaval Maheshkumar Kayasth and Nandini Dharmlingam Madrasi are chosen and MY FM will undertake the responsibility of taking care of their basic necessities as well as medical care for the next year.

MY FM extends the joy of this occasion by taking up the efforts to enroll these children in local NGO Vatsalya in order to cater to their care and development. With a spirit of India poised, MY FM makes a pledge to encourage its listeners in order to participate in this cause by making contributions and donations for these under privileged kids.

The activities undertaken as part of 94.3 MY FM social programmes are focused on bringing smiles to people’s faces through these special occasions. The radio station as an ode to its philosophy will be driving towards the goal of encompassing majority of the society into its spirit of Jiyo Dil Se throughout the year.

To celebrate their hat-trick birthday in a musical bonanza, My FM played three back-to-back songs. And as a part of their ongoing contest My FM says, “hamaare teesre birthday pe hum kar rahe hain paiso ki baarish”. The birthday celebrations were marked with bumpers, sweepers and fun-filled mimicry throughout the day.

Commenting on the initiative, Harrish M Bhatia – CEO, 94.3 MY FM (Dainik Bhaskar Group) says “With a great response of this initiative in Bhopal and Udaipur, we have planned the similar activity now in Ahmedabad. Instead of celebrating through regular activities, we have chosen to focus on giving back a little to help some underprivileged people by showing them how to live Jiyo Dil Se! It’s heartwarming to see the spirit of these people and through the ‘Koshsih Dil Se!’ initiative; we are planning to really make a difference.”

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