Mumbai ‘wakes up’ to lazy boy Sid on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM

Mumbai : Sid Mehra aka Ranbir Kapoor was seen bright and chirpy on Radio Mirchi’s No.1 Morning show ‘Hi Mumbai’ on Thursday.

Mumbai was woken up to the fun chatter between RJ Jeeturaaj and Ranbir Kapoor on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. Ranbir was in the studio to speak about his upcoming film ‘Wake up Sid’ which releases on 2nd October.

Ranbir also met with plenty of Sids like him in the studio as part of Radio Mirchi’s contest where mothers who felt that their children were Sids in the making – lazy and late risers – nominated them and three winners actually got a chance to meet the Original Sid, Ranbir Kapoor in person at the Radio Mirchi studio!

A Dharma Productions film, “Wake Up Sid” is a movie shot entirely in Mumbai. The film is about Siddharth Mehra who has just bid farewell to college and is living a rather aimless existence. With no place to get to in a hurry, he spends his time with his buddies Rishi, Laxmi and his XBOX 360.

Into this loafer’s paradise enters Aisha Bannerjee. She is a woman who knows exactly where is going. Aisha moves to Mumbai from Kolkata to take up a job as a writer for the magazine Mumbai Beat. She strikes up a friendship with Sid and he helps her settle down in the city. The story is an exploration of Sid and Aisha’s relationship dynamics as well as Sid waking up to the life he is living.

“I am not like Sid in real life at all. Yes I have had my days when I was not so focussed but it’s not like I was ever lazy or unmotivated just because I hail from a film family and had things easy.” admits Ranbir. About the film, he says, “It’s a family film that will appeal to all ages and not just the youth.”

The soundtrack of the film is worth having with tracks like ‘Wake up Sid’, ‘Iktaara’ and ‘Kya karoon’ already catching on and can be heard on Radio Mirchi.

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