Multi Media Consumption Up , Next Generation Devices Gaining Popularity in India

A new online survey conducted by The Nielsen Company has found that while people in western countries tend to be heavy users of media hardware like DVD players and gaming consoles, next-generation devices like video-enabled handsets are more popular in the up-and-coming markets, particularly in Asia.

As per the survey, 94 percent of Indian consumers said that they have a television set and 82 percent have a personal computer in their household. The usage of TV sets and personal computers is also high at 84 and 78 percent respectively. The ownership and usage of CD and DVD players follow, 70 percent own a CD player with 55 percent usage and 65 percent respondents own a DVD player with 49 percent usage. It is interesting to note that in an age of mobile gaming and internet access through mobile phones, the number of Indian respondents who had a non video or web-enabled mobile (67%) in their household was greater compared to the respondents who had a video-enabled or web-enabled mobile (36%) in their household. Portable music devices are also quite popular with 37 percent of respondents owning one. When it comes to video games, a console video game system is owned by more people than handheld video game system (9 and 7 percent respectively ).

Indians also prefer movies and music more than computer games. 63 percent of people surveyed claimed to have bought a DVD personally in the past six months and 59 percent bought new music CDs, compared to 37 percent who bought computer games.

“Riding on the back of Bollywood, movies and music are always an integral part of Indians’ media consumption”, said Vatsala Pant, Associate Director, Client Solutions, The Nielsen Company. ”The video games market in India has been growing steadily but it still has to catch on with the masses and remains a niche market at present, with most gamers concentrated in urban areas”, continued Pant.

It was found that 85 percent Indian respondents spent at least some time in an average week listening to music on a computer, portable device or mobile device. 75 percent listened to music on CDs, and 63 percent respondents watched streamed or downloaded movies on a computer or portable phone/device.

Playing video games on a computer or portable phone device is preferred over playing video games on a games console or handheld video game system. 59 percent respondents spent at least some time playing video games on a computer or portable phone device and 27 percent spent time in an average week playing games on a games console or handheld video game system.

“Console games have not yet been established on a large scale in India and personal computer games are still preferred by the majority of Indians”, said Pant.

With the increasing penetration of internet in India, people are downloading and streaming their choice of movies and music from the internet. Music or other audio tracks/files are streamed and downloaded the most by Indians (66 and 63 percent votes respectively), followed by Music videos which are streamed by 59 percent and downloaded by 46 percent of respondents.

Other media items that are streamed by respondents are Movie trailers/ads (57%), Short video clips or individual/amateur clips (57%), TV shows or clips from TV shows (46%), Full-length movies/ movie clips (42%) and Video games (32%).

Media items downloaded from the internet include Short video clips or individual/amateur clips (41%), Full-length movies/ movie clips (40%), Movie trailers/ ads (33%), TV shows or clips from TV shows (30%), and Video games (30%).

With 34 percent of votes, Action/Adventure games are played by a maximum number of respondents, this is also the seventh highest percentage globally for people playing action/adventure games, followed by Casual games (32%). Other video games which appeared in the top ten globally are Sports games (29%- fifth highest globally), Shooter games (28%- fourth highest globally), Vehicle games (28%- fifth highest globally), and Fighting games (13%- sixth highest globally).

When asked about video games played on personal computers or a mobile device, 60 percent of respondents said that they had played free games that came with their computer, 47 percent had played free online games, 21 percent played games downloaded for a fee or purchased from a retail store, and seven percent respondents had played games requiring a subscription fee.

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