Mudra Group unveils a fresh brand identity

After turning 30 with a bang earlier this year, the Mudra Group has reached a new high with the unveiling of a fresh brand identity. Drawing upon its rich heritage of strong entrepreneurial ambition and the ‘can-do’ spirit, the Group will now move forward with a new look and perspective.

The Mudra Group identity and the entire rebranding exercise was done by Water, our design and strategy agency. To help brands tackle a chaotic and uncertain future marked by rapid change and progress, Water created a platform that is based on the pillars of empathy, experimentation, expression and dynamic integration. The result – Inventive Brand Solutions.

The Mudra Group will now offer clients a wide range of Inventive Brand Solutions through its 4 agency networks – Mudra India (the Branding & Communications agency), DDB Mudra (the Influence & Behavioural Change agency), Mudra Max (the Integrated Engagement & Experiential agency) and Ignite Mudra (the Partnership for Entrepreneurs agency).

In keeping with the spirit of inventiveness, the new corporate brand sees the historical symbol of Mudra, ‘the hands’, freed from the rigid roundel. Replacing the solid red circle is the fresh graphic device of the ‘brush stroke’. Denoting experimentation, energy and dynamism, the brush stroke signifies the commonest human behavior when trying something new – be it a crayon, a pen or the artists’ brush.

The brush stroke is also an integral part of the branding of the 4 agency networks. Each agency is now qualified by a unique symbol – the quote mark, a symbol of conversation for Mudra India; the degree symbol denoting influence for DDB Mudra; the forward mark symbolizing maximal impact for Mudra Max; and the ‘on’ button symbolizing a spark of ideas for Ignite Mudra.

To bring the inventive core of new identity, the press conference began with young artists depicting the various Mudra Group units in their own creative styles. In a fresh twist, the brand was unveiled not by the corporate heads, but by a consumer of the future – 11-year-old Lalitya Deepak. She also unveiled the new brand website created by Tribal DDB India. The new website is currently in ‘beta’ mode and is undergoing continuous modifications.

Commenting on the fresh brand, Madhukar Kamath, Group MD & CEO, Mudra Group said, “Turning 30 was a wonderful milestone. Today with the unveiling of the new identity, we make a public promise of offering Inventive Brand Solutions to our partners. Water has done a tremendous job of organizing our 4 agency networks and many SBUs through a common purpose and design language that evokes passion and drive. I would like to thank each of the clients in the Mudra Group for having partnered us in our journey so far. My colleagues and I look forward to a new era of growth and closer ties with each of them in the decade to follow.”

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