Gears Up for Budget'08 is gearing up for the Budget’08. To reach out to a wider audience, MC is wearing a new look for this year’s Budget, with spanking and incisive new sections, which will address the issues that affect every strata of society. The new sections are Industry, Personal Finance, Budget 360, Interactive and Others which will encapsulate the impact of Budget across sections of society – right from catching the impact of the FM speech on individual portfolios to the views and analysis of CEOs and experts. MC covers it all. The budget special will be launched from February 15th and March 5th 2008.

In the Industry section, the portal will have pre-budget sectoral reports for viewers understanding on each sector’s growth. It would also feature various industry bigwigs expressing their expectations from the forthcoming budget. The Personal Finance section will have unique sections like tips for investments for new entrants to the stock market and other regular investors, chats, price rise and drops and the impact of the budget on a running household and families! Salient features and the best of the budget, buying and selling advice, budget archives of the past and post budget FII reactions will be covered under Budget 360. Visitors to will also get to enjoy and take advantage of a unique Interactive section which will have Polls, personalized Tax calculator, interactive contest and Capital Gains calculator.

The Budget’08 is most definitely an important and final budget for Finance Minister P. Chidambaram and the UPA Government. It’s importance comes from the fact that the economy has seen only an upswing in the last 4 years and now suddenly the global meltdown and it’s direct effect on the Indian economy will see each and everyone following the budget with keen interest, making it one of the most important budgets in Indian economic history.’s sole intention will be to provide all the news and views related to the budget.

Mr. Surya Mantha, CEO, Web18, adds, “During the budget last year, experienced a sharp increase in the number of daily visitors and recorded a whopping 217 million page views and 6.04 million unique visitors in the 21 day budget period. This overwhelming response received by the portal last year, compelled us to come up with a more comprehensive offering this time as compared to last year” has always been on the fore front of the most path breaking financial and economic news in the country as well as stock markets tips, and this new initiative comes as no surprise to its regular visitors. After earning the honour of the most preferred financial portal, Moneycontrol is leaving no stone unturned in dishing out the finest quality coverage related for the Budget’08, for its members and regular visitors. The website experienced a sharp rise in the number of page views and visitors last year. The portal boasts of regular visitors such as stock market bulls, investors, market analysts, CEOs, CIOs, students and many many more. has also witnessed a sharp rise in the number of female visitors on the portal and expect a sharp increase in the number of women trying to keep a track of the news and views on the Budget. The general belief has been that the number of women investing their money in stocks, mutual funds, etc has seen a tremendous increase in the past couple of years. hopes to to also show the guiding light to the new entrants in the stock market and also the women who will be following the budget and its impact on the markets with keen interest


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