Mobile devices transforming media landscape :eMarketer,SMG report

New York :eMarketer, in collaboration with Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG), has released its annual Global Media Intelligence report, which provides data, insights and analysis for brands to use as they plan media budgets and strategy for 2012.

The “2011 Global Media Intelligence” (GMI) report covers six major regions worldwide—Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, North America, and Western Europe—and provides snapshots of 36 countries identified as core markets.

“I’m excited to have eMarketer’s latest ‘Global Media Intelligence’ report again this year,” said Linda Dorman, VP of Global Strategy at Experian. “It’s another example of the excellent global data and perspective eMarketer provides our company every day.”

The report includes data on demographics, broadband and mobile penetration, media usage, and consumer behavior in each region, as well as insights on digital and total media advertising spending trends through 2015.

In several major markets—including the US and UK—the specter of a double-dip recession is casting a dark shadow over businesses and consumers. Regardless, global ad spending will still approach $500 billion this year, eMarketer estimates, and digital advertising will remain a star performer following a 2010 in which growth in online ad spending outpaced all other platforms in most mature markets.

eMarketer estimates North America will continue to draw the greatest share of online advertising spending of any region, with over 40% of the worldwide total. Western Europe’s share of online spending will decline as emerging markets in Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Eastern Europe up spending.

Asia-Pacific is expected to increase its share of total ad spending worldwide over the next few years, and overtake North America as the worldwide leader in the next five years.

Mobile devices are transforming the media landscape in every corner of the world. For instance, within four years, mobile phone penetration in Asia-Pacific will climb from an estimated 55.4% to nearly 73%, and the region will boast an eye-popping 2.9 billion mobile phone users.

“We’re thrilled to work with eMarketer again to provide global digital insights to our clients, and help them more effectively plan and allocate dollars through digital channels around the world,” said Kate Sirkin, Executive Vice President of Research at Starcom MediaVest Group.

SMG helped identify and gather data for local and core global markets included in the report.

After seeing record interest among marketers for the “2010 Global Media Intelligence” report published last year, eMarketer hopes the new report will help marketers more effectively plan their marketing mixes and allocate budget toward digital channels during the coming year.

“The ‘2010 Global Media Intelligence’ report was one of the most popular reports we’ve ever produced,” said eMarketer President Lisa Church. “We’re very pleased to be able to deliver the report again this year with even more relevant insights on digital markets around the world.”

“We expect massive interest again among our client base, especially as most are currently in the process of finalizing their media strategies for 2012,” added Church.

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