'MNIK' to be dubbed in German, Turkish

Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan’s latest movie “My Name Is Khan”, which made $18 million in its opening weekend worldwide, will be dubbed in German and Turkish and will be subtitled in Polish to help a wider international audience.

The decision to dub the film in various languages came instantly for the company so that it reaches out to as many people as possible.

“Every country has a different requirement. In Poland, it will be released with Polish subtitles. In Germany, we want the film to go down much deeper to the German audience and that particular market prefers films to be dubbed. So that’s why we are dubbing it in German and Turkish,” Vijay Singh, CEO of Fox STAR Studios India, told IANS.

“My Name Is Khan”, directed by Karan Johar, also features actress Kajol. Set in post-9/11 period in US, the movie has been garnering positive reviews from Indian and international audience and critics alike.

“Our release plan for ‘My Name Is Khan’ is very different from any Bollywood film. Bollywood films in India have a life of two weeks, so we are releasing the film over a six-month period. From March to June, we are going to be releasing the film in 25 non-traditional markets,” said Singh.

“The film will release in Poland next month in 50 screens whereas the largest Bollywood release that has happened so far has released in five screens. And then, we will be releasing at Germany where we will be doing a German dub and a Turkish dub.”

Germany has a substantial chunk of expatriate Turkish population.

“There also, we are releasing the film in 40 screens whereas five screens are maximum for any Bollywood release so far. Basically, the rollout for ‘My Name Is Khan’ is very different from any other typical Bollywood film,” he added.

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