Mirchi listeners get Smile therapy

Bengaluru :The Chill Maadi show on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM – the sakkath hot radio station is proving to be hotter than ever! The show hosted by our very own Smile Doctor Smitha has become the most happening adda for the most wanted sandalwood celebs in the town.

The grand opening was done by none other than Priya Mani who has received rave reviews for her role in Raavan. The talented damsel was seen having a blast at the Mirchi studios in the presence of our very own Smile Doctor Smitha. RJ Smitha was successful in bringing out the best from Priya by quizzing her about career, personal life and of course her reaction to link-ups, rumours and more.

RJ Smitha also quizzed Priya about ‘what makes her smile’ & ‘who is that one person with whom she could have a great laugh’. Priya exclaimed that she likes to be in the company of people who have a great sense of humour and the most effective way to make her smile would be to gift her puppy or a kitten! Priya considers her father to be the most jovial person and it would be definitely her father with whom she could have a great laugh.

Sharing her views on the RJ and the show Priya Mani said, “To make someone smile is truly a difficult task, hats off to Smitha for putting smiles on people’s face every single day!”

Following suit were the young stars from the movie, ‘Krishnan Love story’ – Radhika Pandit & Ajay, sharing their smile stories and their take on the power of smile. Voicing their opinion about the show and Smitha, Radhika & Ajay said, “Smile Doctor Smitha has an infectious smile and energy around her, we recommend every Bengalurean to visit her on-air clinic “Chill Maadi” and treat oneself with a high dosage of smile therapy!”

And then it was ‘Loose Maada’ Yogi’s turn to seek an appointment with Smile Doctor Smitha. Alongside regaling listeners with his anecdotes, he also gave into Smile Doctor’s smile therapy and left the studio a much happier person.

Smile doctor Smitha hosts Chill Maadi on Radio Mirchi 98.3FM every evening from 5 to 9 pm. She takes off on the uncanny happenings in the world at large, suggests whacky tips to listeners on how to handle grouchy people, and manages to spread a sense of positivity across the city! She promises all this and more.

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