Mindshare wins MCCS media duties

Mindshare has won the media duties of three Media Content and Communications Services (MCCS) brands namely, STAR News, STAR Ananda and STAR Majha. As the firm is the media agency of STAR India, it was also the first choice for MCCS for the handling its three STAR brands.

Neeraj Sanan, marketing head, MCCS, explains, “Being a media channel, we are supposed to have a good understanding of the media business. But getting a media agency on-board allows for a better and fresh perspective on our own strengths and weaknesses. The media space is cluttered, and in such a situation, there is a possibility of us holding a biased opinion of ourselves. Thus, it helps to have a neutral party, which comes with years of experience in the commodity business, and can help one move closer to a more structured marketing strategy.”

As a media partner, Mindshare will go beyond media buying and planning for the three brands and will act as a brand, product and marketing consultant for MCCS. It aims at helping MCCS on the sales front and broaden its audience base by using print, TV, outdoor and radio.

Elaborating on the agency’s plan for MCCS, Chirantan Chandran, general manager, Mindshare says, “MCCS, as such, does not have proper communication architecture. Our aim would be to put in place a more formalised thinking process. Second, the idea is to suggest what the brand should be, by adding value to their promo plans – suggesting changes in channel promos as well as for individual products. We will also provide consultancy related to better programming, leading to higher viewership.”

Source: Bombay Adclub

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