MiD-Day Turns 29, Announces YUMPI contest

India’s favourite afternooner, MiD DAY, celebrates its last year as a twenty-something, by offering its YUMPI (Young Urban Mobile Professional of India) readers a fully loaded 24 page section that, starting today, will accompany the newspaper each day for the next 5 days across Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Delhi.

Titled Cash, Go, Stuff, Me and Play, each day’s section deals in depth with a particular theme that is a passion area for the busy urban professional. Loaded with great content, offers, prizes and deals, the sections are sure to delight and thrill.

These sections are based on YUMPI passions which were unearthed basis a qualitative research. These passions play a key role in determining their success, which is their strongest motivation. The fact that the YUMPI today are earning more than they ever did is enabling them access to their passions, CASH being the means to all their ends. As attractive as this segment is to any marketer, the YUMPI are equally difficult to get.

Says Abhijit Pradhan, Director Sales and Marketing, MiD DAY, ”With YUMPIs increasingly deprived of time and bombarded with multiple messages and media, advertising messages are more likely to be ‘ships in the darkness’ versus ‘an apple of the eye’. MiD DAY’s objective is to engage the YUMPI through their drivers and create value for our readers and advertisers in the process.”

With a firm belief that the cash rich, but short-on-time generation of go-getters want everything in life and want it instantly, the section titled Cash appears on June 23, 2008 and advises YUMPIs on how to earn more, spend smart and invest wisely. It covers all that the YUMPI want to know about new ways to earn money, the low-down on how to spend on big ticket purchases like homes, tips on making smart investments in the stock market and more.

Go, a special section on Vehicles & Travel, appears with the MiD DAY on June 24, 2008, and is meant for the YUMPI who believe life is a thrilling journey to be enjoyed in style. Go focuses on issues that are important to the YUMPI who is geared to explore wheels and places like never before, be it commuting to office in style, weekend getaways or long soul-seeking escapes.

Stuff appears on June 25, 2008 and deals with brands and trends in the marketplace, offering gadget updates and fashion mantras. It covers the latest in appliances that simplify life along with lifestyle concepts. It details fashion and gizmo gyan and everything the deep pocketed YUMPI are interested in.

The June 26, 2008 issue has a special section titled Me accompanying it, that addresses the YUMPIs need to balance personal and work life at various levels. It covers physical, mental and spiritual aspects of YUMPI life. From urban stress to its antidote, quick flings to long term relationships, the connection between designer labels and nirvana, the need for all night gyms, consultation with therapists to spiritual gurus, Me has it all.

Finally, on June 27, 2008, the section Play outlines how YUMPIs can have a great time, showcasing the best eats, beats and streets in the city. Covering the must-visit hangouts, food yatra, rocking clubs and everything to do with having fun this section underlines MiD DAY’s belief that the YUMPI’s philosophy is about “working hard, partying harder”.

Using the anniversary as an opportunity to connect with our readers and engage & acknowledge them, we have a contest on the website revolving around these passions, which presents them with an unique opportunity to win exciting prizes.The contest is for a 5 day period starting from 23rd June till 27th June 08. 1 laptop to be won everyday along with hot prizes like Canon digi cameras, Nokia N73 Phones and Ipod Nanos. MiD DAY is currently available in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and soon to be launched in Pune.

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