MiD DAY to focus around “Entertaining Newsbreak” positioning

MiD DAY, India’s leading afternooner, has decided to intensify its efforts to engage and connect with Young Working Professionals across India (YUMPIs) in the middle of their work-day, by focusing all news resources on a single (afternoon) edition of the newspaper in Mumbai. This will be accompanied by constant updates of the web product and a new free SMS news service between 9 am and 7 pm.

By adopting this strategy, the afternooner plans to strengthen focus around its positioning of being an “Entertaining Newsbreak” that arrives in the middle of the work day for the YUMPI, a comparatively uncluttered media space. The newspaper will deliver fresh infotainment news, with a special emphasis on local news and local ‘What’s On” and listings in each city. In addition, MiD DAY will further align its mediums i.e. print, dotcom and mobile to deliver a fun break to YUMPIs.

In keeping with this strategy, new editions launched in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune over the last two years have only had one pm edition in the day, and its obvious success has encouraged the company to apply the same principle to the Mumbai edition as well.

MiD DAY has also made a concerted effort to build loyalty among its audience of urban professionals through changes in its editorial content, newspaper size and navigation, internationally acclaimed ground events and first-of-a-kind distribution systems. Clearly intent on engaging YUMPI* audiences across India, the Afternooner has been building on its USP of being the quintessential entertainment newsbreak for YUMPIs in the middle of their day, with a strong focus on local news, what’s hot, what’s on and entertainment updates.

Says Manajit Ghoshal, CEO, MiD DAY Infomedia Limited, “Being an afternooner gives us a unique advantage. At this time of the day, the YUMPI is looking to take time out, and be entertained. He is much more receptive to brand messages. Also the time of the day adds greatly to the proximity effect, i.e. closer to the buyer’s purchase-making decision, which ultimately benefits the advertiser.”

Adds Mr. Ghoshal “MiD DAY’s content is aimed to encourage people to Take a Break. It is an ideal afternoon experience. We will maintain our circulation in Mumbai at 2 Lakh copies. In fact we estimate that our readership figures will increase further as a result of this move with our focus on the paper’s high pass-around value.”

“Die hard, A.M. edition loyalists can log onto mid-day.com and get the latest on their city” he adds.

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