MiD Day Launches marketing and advertising industry news Pullout ‘Brief to Brand’

MiD DAY, India’s leading afternooner has introduced a brand new section, Brief to Brand that will appear every Friday starting tomorrow. The section, as the name suggests, will be a peppy round-up of marketing and advertising industry news, and will report on the people behind the brands and the process they follow.

MiD DAY has been aggressively focusing on delivering content that engages its Young Urban Mobile Professional Indian (YUMPI) audience. Brief to Brand will throw the spotlight on one such area of tremendous interest to MiD DAY readers.

Every issue will profile a personality, a YUMPI, who talks about the brands he has created, built or helped grow as well as memorable campaigns and brands that influenced him. The issue will also include a Brand Story featuring a topical campaign or brand that has been launched or revamped that week. A segment titled news briefs, will offer short reports on agency activities, awards, account movements and so on, while Job Hop will provide updates on job opportunities.

Segments on marketing and advertising provide relevant, entertaining and informative updates to urban professionals. MiD DAY believes this will be an addition that will add to its strength as the afternooner of choice.

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