MF Global to launch ‘right perspective’ TV campaign

Mumbai : MF Global, a leading broker-dealer with deep involvement in financial markets around the world, is all set to roll out its new television campaign creatively conceptualized by Six Inches Communication, an integrated brand communications agency.

The campaign centers around the creative concept ‘Gain from the right perspective’. This concept was derived out of the research and strategic intent, which also translated into the MF Global tag line. Electronic being the lead medium for the brand, the creative idea has been expressed through a TV Commercial.

Commenting on the campaign Pravin Shah, Founder & Creative Director of Six Inches Communication said, “Our campaign connects with the audience and strikes the right chord. It reflects the day to day ‘Yes Yes’ attitude that we see in real life and smartly points out that at least when it comes to investments there is MF Global. We are planning two more on same lines which will be on air soon”. We are sure this campaign portrays the edge MF Global gives to their clients.

The ideation process kick started with a brand audit. It was conducted with the objective of obtaining an insight which facilitated the development of the brand communication. The audit would aid MF Global connect better with its current client base and attract new clients to its HNI offering in the future.

It was observed that most clients have more than one broking relationship – combination of width and depth and for a combination of efficient margins, and for the spread and pick up of varying ideas for investments. With the help of the brand audit, the agency arrived at the strategic intent of the campaign.

Synopsis: Creative Expression (TV Commercial)

The TVC features an urban couple on vacation on a day out for a Safari. The main lead is “Sanjay Lufant” of 3 Idiots fame with a model who is featured as his wife. They meet a “Guide” who mindlessly keeps saying, “Yes” to their desires of whether they will get to see a tiger? Or is he carrying enough water? Ultimately they lose track and are lost in the jungle as the “Guide” has no clue about the track. However he keeps saying

“Yes” whenever asked about the where the jeep is headed. Finally a message is sent out to the audience: “Sometimes you wish people didn’t agree with you all the time and at MF Global we tell you what’s good for you”. The commercial has been shot in Ranthambore.
The TVC will be aired from 17th October 2011 on Business Channels.

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