Metlife's new TVC rests on ‘sudden’ realization of retirement setting

New Delhi: MetLife India Insurance Company Limited (MetLife) has unveiled its new advertising campaign to promote its retirement plan- Met Monthly Income Plan (MMIP). The new campaign is launched to create awareness among the affluent, 40+ urban male about the importance of early retirement planning at the right age.

The key idea of the TVC (Television Commercial) rests on the ‘sudden’ realization of retirement setting in amongst the targeted audience profile. The rational of the TVC is based on the fact that most urban males over the age of 40 do not realize that they growing older, until one particular moment when the realization suddenly sets in and they are at a loss as they have not planned for their retirement properly. Reflecting this fact, the TVC neatly brings out the ‘trigger’ when one realizes how their kids have grown up; standing on their own feet and it is time for the parents to think for themselves.

Conceptualized by McCann Erickson, the TVC is centered on the prevalent belief that ‘I am still young’, which resides most strongly with the target group defined. It is at such moments that the retirement planning message resonates much more strongly with the target group. Through the TVC, a similar situation was showcased – one needs to plan ahead for retirement planning.

Balachander Sekhar, Director Products & Marketing, MetLife India Insurance Co. Ltd. highlights the relevance of the ad in today’s times, “We are a family centric society where our life revolves around fulfilling family responsibilities especially that of our children. In no time children grow up and get on with their lives hitting us with the realization what about us now? The new TVC is well targeted at the 40+ year affluent urban male jolting him into realization that the time is NOW to plan for his future so that he can continue to enjoy the lifestyle he’s lived till now and not be dependent on anyone in later years.”

The commercial was launched across all national and regional news, GEC and Sports channels on 5th May 2012.

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