Memorable Lamhaa for Radio Mirchi listeners

The coolest and most kind-hearted gangster in town, Munnabhai a.k.a everyone’s beloved Sanju baba was heard on Mumbai’s No. 1 radio station for the first time yesterday. On the morning show ‘Hi Mumbai’, Sanjay Dutt charmed Mirchi listeners with his intimate tête-à-tête with RJ Jeeturaaj.

On his debut visit to the radio station, Sanjay spoke about his upcoming film, ‘Lamhaa’ and how the film is very close to his heart. Talking about the soulful music and the insightful plot of the film, Sanjay said, “The music of Lamhaa is very different and melodious. The soundtrack deftly captures the plight of the people in Kashmir and portrays them very sensitively’.

The loved Munnabhai also gave Mirchi listeners a glimpse of the kind of music he likes. Sanjay revealed, “I want to run my own radio station and given a chance, I will play all-time classic rock gems of AC/DC, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith etc”. RJ Jeeturaaj was left in chuckles when Sanjay commented on his dancing skills, “I just cannot dance! For the ‘Tamma tamma’ song from Thanedar I remember I practiced for two months. But I still have two left feet.”

He talked about filming scenes in volatile areas of Kashmir and how he was struck by the predicament of the people there. “I have shot several scenes with the Kashmiri children there and was deeply affected by the pain they endure. Lamhaa has turned out to be a unique film and shows Kashmir in a very different light,” he said.

The actor recounted incidents from his childhood. He reminisced, “I remember one incident from my childhood when I wanted to go on a buggy ride while my parents had to go for a meeting. I created so much hungama that ultimately my parents had to hold the meeting on the buggy!” The actor who is fondly called Sanju Baba stirred up many fond memories of his parents, the legendary Sunil and Nargis Dutt. He showed RJ Jeeturaaj the tattoos he has etched on his chest of his parents. In an emotional tone, Sanjay thanked everyone for standing by him through tough times and supporting and loving him through the years.

Lamhaa, directed by Rahul Dholakia, is a poignant film about the travails of people in Kashmir and how the explosive condition of the place affects their lives and changes it forever. The film is helmed by actors like Anupam Kher and Sanjay Dutt with Bipasha Basu and Kunal Kapoor lending praiseworthy performances.

Lamhaa is set to release this Friday. Tune into Mumbai’s hottest radio station – Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM for the next 2 days to catch more of the interview of Sanjay Dutt and melodious songs of Lamhaa!

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