Mehak Bags ARPA Best Feature Film Award

Indian Film ‘MAHEK’ has won the Best Feature Film Award at ARPA International Film Festival 2007, Hollywood . The children’s feature film in Hindi has been produced by the Children’s Film Society Of India and directed by K Kanade. The cast of the film include Shreya Sharma, Anuya Bhagwat, Madan Deodhar, Anuja Borkar, Dheeresh Joshi, Madhavi Gadgil and Lalan Sarang.

‘MAHEK’ looks at the world through the imaginative eyes of children and examines their rights. What children miss most is respect- respect for them and respect for their imagination. For a child, as important as food, shelter and clothing, is a flower. In every child there is a revolution. ‘MAHEK’ is a little girl’s journey towards self-realization. The film reflects the changes India is going through- from gradual economic freedom towards a renewed intellectual identity

Short Synopsis: 11-yr old MAHEK wants to be the best in everything, but she doesn’t know what she’s best at. To complicate things further, an old, magic-less Modern Fairy walks into her life. Will MAHEK ever realize her true strength?

Short Biography of the director of MAHEK: K. Kanade has done his Film Direction from FTII and Producers Program from UCLA. His thesis film ‘Chaitra’ won Three National Film Awards and two National Awards at MIFF. It was included in a special DVD release: Master Strokes-20 First Films from 45 yr history of FTII. He is drawn towards themes that deal with the world of children, their imagination and the respect they deserve. ‘MAHEK’ is his first feature film.

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