Mediaware Releases Software Module for Corporate Advertisers

Mediaware Infotech has released AMW , a software module which takes care of all the needs of a MarcCom Dept of any corporate brand marketer from budgets to bill-passing with a lot of automation along the way ,along with online M.I.S

“AMW starts with micro-budgeting for advertising, media & promotions. Accepts media plans & estimates data directly from advertising & media agencies. Allows MarCom Managers to approve estimates online – subject to availability of budgets! And accepts “as executed” media schedules data. Executes a quick “reconciliation check” between original & as-executed media schedules. And this is where it takes an interesting turn.” says Laxmikant Kulkarni, Manager, AMW Group.

In a standard “keep-up-with-Jones” syndrome, major brand marketers are forced to routinely respond to challengers’ hike in ad spends – by hiking their own! So, it should come asno surprise that corporate India’s advertising,media & promotion budgets have been raising at a rapid pace, especially during the past decade.

“AMWaccepts third party ad monitoring data. With the dual purpose of cross-checking agency’s as-executed schedule as well as expediting the bill passing process. It reports mis-matches in a statistical format – % deviation by value & volume. For example, if the mis-match is (say) less than 5% by value, a MarCom Manager may decide to passthe entire bill with a noting for future reference. AMW also generates the Purchase Voucher for the Accounts Dept. This can also be integrated with the Accounting Module used by the corporate.”

“Today, advertising & promotion budgets sometime exceed PBT. So careful budgeting and even more careful implementation is the need of today. Couple this with tight payment terms enforced by industry bodies like IBF & INS, which calls for prompt bill-passing – and you have a need for extreme automation.”

Adds Deepak Chheda, Vice President, Mediaware Infotech “By including “below-the-line” activities, AMWautomates & captures the entire data pertaining advertising, media & promotions activities. Also available is a module to enter brand sales data for the corresponding period. All this results in rich online reporting for Brand Managers, Marketing Heads & CEOs.”

Mediaware Infotech is a 12 years old I.T. firm involved in solutions & consultancy for media & advertising. They have ready & customizable software modules for almost all players in the media & advertising chain. Mediaware also offers consultancy services in setting up channels, data analysis, business strategy and technology implementation. AMW is currently being implemented in Parle Products Ltd.

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