Mediamorphosis Acquires Ethnic Online Network

Mediamorphosis Inc., a full service marketing agency which specializes in targeting ethnic markets has announces their acquisition of the Paypod Ad Network Technology. In India Mediamorphosis business interest is looked after by Manhattan Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Paypod is a proprietary Digital Ad Network. It puts interactive ads on relevant websites and in front of web surfers The Paypod network helps ethnic web publishers sell ads on their sites and advertisers find the right sites for their ads, offering targeted ad placement on a site-specific, channel-wide, or run-of network basis.

Through this acquisition, Mediamorphosis Inc plans to enhance the technology to become a platform for ethnic targeting across markets, specifically the over 200 million online ethnic population. It will then re-launch the network as Ethnic Online Network.

Adris Chakraborty, Chairman of Mediamorphosis says “Ethnic Online Network will provide clients a cutting edge platform where they can reach specific target audiences online, while providing geo-targeted, lifestyle and demographic segmentation that currently does not exist exclusively in the ethnic marketplace.” Mr. Chakraborty goes on to say “We are also confident that this as a platform where we can help create revenue and exposure to our many publisher relationships that although garner huge traffic and site rankings; have not been able to focus on building a proper advertising sales component.”

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