MediaBank Partners with IAB to Set Standards for Interactive Media

MediaBank, a leading provider of integrated technology solutions that help marketers and agencies better manage the end-to-end media buying process, today announced its participation in the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Beta Partner program responsible for defining E-Business standards for interactive media.

The advertising industry has lacked integrated operating technologies for decades, leading to inaccurate data and inconsistencies in information shared among media buyers, advertisers and publishers. Recognizing these problems, the IAB led an initiative to create business standards and define processes for digital advertising.

“MediaBank has been an important partner in our efforts to define integrated workflow standards for interactive advertising,” said Jeremy Fain, vice president of Industry Services at IAB. “The leadership and expertise of MediaBank will not only help advertisers and agencies save time, but also increase their return on investment in digital media.”

In recent months, MediaBank and other interactive media companies have worked with the IAB on the E-Business task force that defines standard definitions and processes to decrease discrepancies and enhance operating efficiencies. MediaBank and other IAB partners are now planning an aggressive development, analysis and user acceptance schedule for the implementation phase.

“MediaBank has worked closely with its publisher partners and clients to prepare beta tests for new E-Business standards for digital media,” said Cordie DePascale, vice president of Project Management and Implementation at MediaBank. “We are excited to be a major participant in the current IAB initiative and look forward to seeing the E-Business standards rolled out so that media buyers and advertisers can reap the benefits of advanced technology.”

DePascale worked closely with IAB to craft the E-Business standards for interactive media and also appeared on the Interactive E-Business Solutions panel at the IAB Ad Operation Summit, held October 30, 2008 in New York City.

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