Media Summit ends with call for objective coverage

Beijing : Representatives of media organisations from several countries ended their three-day summit here Saturday, with a call for “accurate, objective and impartial” news coverage.

A total of 170 organisations participated in the conference.

The organisations hoped to promote transparency and accountability of governments and public institutions, mutual understanding, and exchange of views among people from different countries and regions, a joint statement issued after the summit said.

The world is undergoing “complicated and profound changes” due to globalisation. The new communication technologies and the diversity of world cultures provided great opportunities for global media development, the statement said.

“We hope all forms of media, which are playing an important role in global media development, will deepen cooperation between each other, drawing on each other’s experiences and complementing each other with new ideas,” it said.

China’s President Hu Jintao attended the opening ceremony Friday. He urged the media organisations to convey the message of peace, development and cooperation.

Valery Levchenko, deputy general director of the Russian News and Information Agency, said the summit helped deepen understanding among different media groups and created opportunities for future cooperation.

“There are always cooperation and competition. It’s wonderful to have a lot of good partnership,” said Eric Morrison, president of the Canadian Press.

“One of the summit’s theme is win-win. So if you need a partnership, it must be work for both partners,” he said.

“Such summit is always useful in a world that is so well connected for people to continue to discuss things.”

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